Warehouse Management

Sophisticated Warehousing Solutions Automated with You in Mind.

Finding Your Next Space

Offering comprehensive warehouse management services, we help businesses optimize their operations and drive long-term success. By optimizing space management , our solutions help companies manage their overall operations effectively, reducing risks and increasing profitability. It includes inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping and receiving, and asset tracking.

Multi Purpose Logistics Center

Suggested input: To provide logistical solutions and services on a short-term and long-term basis, our huge warehouse complexes spanning about 500,000 sq. ft. across the country. These facilities, outfitted with all modern devices, tools, and automated systems, can provide creative, effective, economical, and adaptable solutions that can assist businesses in enhancing their supply chain operations.

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Inventory Management

At Flyjac, we ensure seamless tracking, organizing, and maintaining a company's stock of goods and raw materials. We help improve their bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.

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In-plant Logistics

Providing customized In-plant logistics, Flyjac ensures the internal movement of materials, products, and personnel within a manufacturing or production. By optimizing in-plant logistics, companies can achieve a range of benefits that can improve their bottom line and enhance their competitiveness.

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Value Added Service

Providing holistic services to create extra value, Flyjac incorporates activities that go beyond the traditional transportation and storage of goods. For example, packaging & repackaging, knitting & assembly, labeling & branding.

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. Multi Purpose Logistics Center


. Inventory Management


. In-plant Logistics


. Value Added Service

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